Dedication, exploration, sincerity, passion, collaboration, precision, hard work and quality rest.

Our main focus is corporate video form (TVC, presentation videos, social media content, case studies), but we also produce animated videos, documentary films, event coverage, as well as short film production and music videos.

For each form, we carefully choose team members with numerous years of experience in the required field.

You can see our portfolio here.

Meeting and pre-production are two segments where the client has the most of control to guide us toward target they have in their mind. The more information and opinions they share with us and the more detailed brief is, the higher percentage of success there is.

As the process moves forward client has less chance to intervene and to change video in whole.

A lot of factors affect the price. Essentially these are biggest ones:

-Type of video

-Type of gear used (cameras, lenses, lighting gear…)

-Number of work-hours required to produce film

-Deadline (how urgent it is?)

For approximate offer please provide us with a detailed brief.

As clients recognized our identification of their brand and the goals they trusted us dozens of¬†urgent videos to be produced solely by us. That way we met their deadlines which ranged from one to seven days and still hit dead on with the film’s target.

Now, don’t be encouraged to try this without excessive need. Usually, the whole process ranges from a week up to four weeks.

NUT Studio headquarters is in Belgrade, Serbia, but we are already successfully operating in EU, USA, and Asia region. Upon your request, we are ready to travel worldwide to provide our services.

We care for our clients. All content is handled in a safe manner and backup with the encryption.

Our website collects the minimum amount of data required trough cookies. You can find out more on NUT Studio Privacy Policy Page.

In the beginning, we are getting to know¬†you and your brand/product. As required information is gathered, a synopsis is written and as soon as core story is approved by the client we expand it into the script (followed by storyboard).¬†Next step is pre-production including location scouting, choosing team members, casting, dialing in all details prior shooting. Shooting day usually goes according to plan, but there will always be a chance for improvements so improvisation is no strange thing to us.¬†Editing¬†is a greatly valued process in our production. We don’t accept¬†compromises at this stage, meaning we tweak every single detail to make a video as close as it was defined by the script. The last step is¬†post-production, color grading, and audio mastering, essential part at stylizing visual identity to clients existing branding and identity.

We prefer to keep complete process in-house, but in certain situations, we accept to do portions of the process.

If you think you need just some of our services please write to us here.

As mentioned earlier in FAQ, the beginning of the process is the most important part in film production.

In the beginning we have to meet You and your brand/service/product and define exact goals. The best way to do this is by personally meeting you and by providing us with detailed brief which has to include:

-Why Do You Want Video?

-What Type Of The Video You Need?

-Who Are You Speaking To?

-What Do You Want to Say?

-What Are Example Videos You Liked?

-Where Will it Be Watched?

-What’s Your Deadline and Budget?


The more information you provide, the easier it will be to discuss the idea with You and prepare synopsis.

Music choice is one of the most important parts of the creation process in NUT Studio. Challenge is to have balanced soundtrack. If music is too pushy it gets more attention that video and conversions are lost there. On the other hand, if it is unnoticeable the gap is felt by the audience and will affect the conversions again.

We don’t use cheesy music, so we are left with two options: use premium royalty free music or compose original music required for the video. Depending on a project we consult with the client and come up with an appropriate solution.

Since every project is specific it requires unique setup. NUT studio has a rental department offering a wide range of cameras, from small action cameras, vDSLRs, drones up to cinema cameras. With cooperation with other cinema rentals there is no limit to gear choice, meaning your video can be shot on Red cinema cameras, Arri Alexa or slow-motion Phantom Flex camera.

Your project will tell us what is the right tool for the job.

If you think you are up to the task, and you identify yourself with our values, feel free to present your capabilities to our team. We enjoy exploring this world with new talents.

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