Studio offers the complete video production service, custom-tailored to your needs. We operate worldwide with our base in Belgrade, Serbia.

Video production services in Serbia

NUT Services is a NUT Studio video production services division focused on foreign productions working on their projects in Serbia and Montenegro. The main goal is to hire the best possible team for each project and provide an exceptional experience to our clients.


Our team has gathered exceptional locations into a single database. This allows us to showcase potential locations in record time. Contact us, and we will make sure your location requests are met.


In the previous years, Serbia has become exceptional place for video content and advertising productions. The film community has grown: 1000+ professional film workers, dozens of rental houses and studios, big accommodation capabilities, etc.


Since 2016 our country is supporting foreign productions filming in Serbia. Cash rebate worth of 20% is available for qualified local spending.


No matter what scale of production it is, we make sure our clients are having an enjoyable experience.

Need some help with projects? Get in touch with our team!

We work closely with our clients during each phase of the project. We listen carefully, develop constantly, and work intensely until we reach the perfection.